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White Paper: The Evolution of a Revolution

By | 2018-05-21T22:10:16+00:00 May 21st, 2018|Education, Marketing, News|

This paper discusses the evolution of how the oil & gas industry has responded to both increasingly stringent mandates from regulators and more exacting specifications from pipelines.  Operators can now capture 100% of their flash gas, eliminate flares and combustors, and reduce VOC, NOx, and CO2 emissions on site all while creating additive revenue

Removing Oxygen from Sub-Atmospheric Gathering Systems

By | 2018-03-26T18:17:05+00:00 March 26th, 2018|Marketing|

A gas gathering system operator in southern Oklahoma was frequently having to shut in and/or flare gas due oxygen levels of up to 16,000 PPM and increasing levels of H2S. Portions of the system operated at sub-atmospheric pressures and oxygen ingress could occur at any connection or fitting along the many miles of pipeline. There

Make The Most Of Your VRU and Stop Wasting Production!

By | 2018-03-23T15:18:25+00:00 March 23rd, 2018|Education|

If you’ve made the investment in a vapor recovery unit (VRU), you’ve decided that recovering rich flash gas is preferable to seeing it go up in smoke via the on-site flare or combustor. Here at EcoVapor we agree with that call. However, too many VRUs either aren’t running or are recovering only a portion of