ZerO2 – A Short and Sweet One-Pager on Value

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At it's heart, the Zer02 solution solves emission and gas capture constraints by removing entrained oxygen from the production stream. But how else does it create value? View One-Pager   This one-pager is a quick and easy guide to the value of ZerO2 including: Compelling Economics Reduced Emissions Reliability Safety Avoiding Shut-ins  

EcoVapor Announces Speaking Engagement, Conference Exhibition

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·       CEO Mike McMahon to present “Flare LESS, Profit MORE” ·       EcoVapor exhibition at Booth 307 DENVER, CO (January 31, 2019) – EcoVapor Recovery Systems LLC today announced today that Mr. Mike McMahon, CEO, is scheduled to deliver his presentation “Flare Less, Profit More” at the 2019 4C Health, Safety, and Environmental Conference on February

White Paper: The Evolution of a Revolution

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This paper discusses the evolution of how the oil & gas industry has responded to both increasingly stringent mandates from regulators and more exacting specifications from pipelines.  Operators can now capture 100% of their flash gas, eliminate flares and combustors, and reduce VOC, NOx, and CO2 emissions on site all while creating additive revenue

Removing Oxygen from Sub-Atmospheric Gathering Systems

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A gas gathering system operator in southern Oklahoma was frequently having to shut in and/or flare gas due oxygen levels of up to 16,000 PPM and increasing levels of H2S. Portions of the system operated at sub-atmospheric pressures and oxygen ingress could occur at any connection or fitting along the many miles of pipeline. There