·       CEO Mike McMahon to present “Flare LESS, Profit MORE”

·       EcoVapor exhibition at Booth 307

DENVER, CO (January 31, 2019) – EcoVapor Recovery Systems LLC today announced today that Mr. Mike McMahon, CEO, is scheduled to deliver his presentation “Flare Less, Profit More” at the 2019 4C Health, Safety, and Environmental Conference on February 6, 2019 at 11:00 A.M. Central Standard Time. The conference venue is the Hilton Austin hotel in Austin, Teas.

The presentation will cover how the EcoVapor Zer02™ solution for removing oxygen from the oil and gas production stream enhances wellsite safety, reduces the need to flare only in rare emergencies and significantly reduces site emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds and nitrogen oxides. Once oxygen is removed from tank vapor flash gas, this rich, valuable gas stream can be sold to enhance profits. Zer02 units use proprietary technology to remove oxygen from the production stream, enabling operators to capture and sell high-Btu content tank vapor flash gas, lowering tank pressures in the process.

Zer02 units have no moving parts, reducing repair and maintenance needs; minimizing the need to have people travel to and from well sites employing ZerO2 units. As a result, the Zer02 fleet has accumulated an impressive track record of reliability, typically experiencing 100% uptime. Not one production site using the solution has experienced unexpected shut-ins as a result of high oxygen levels.

EcoVapor will be exhibiting at the 4C Conference and can be located at Booth 307.

About EcoVapor Recovery Systems

EcoVapor Recovery Systems provides solutions to pressing oil and natural gas production problems. EcoVapor’s technical team includes world-class engineers, not all from the oil and gas industry, sees challenges differently and encourages a culture of innovation. Our patented Zer02 solution helps oil and gas producers Flare Less, Sell More. EcoVapor is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has field locations in Greeley, Colorado and Midland, Texas.


Michael McMahon
Chief Executive Officer

EcoVapor Recovery Solutions
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Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 844-NOFLARE (844-663-5273)
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