A gas gathering system operator in southern Oklahoma was frequently having to shut in and/or flare gas due oxygen levels of up to 16,000 PPM and increasing levels of H2S. Portions of the system operated at sub-atmospheric pressures and oxygen ingress could occur at any connection or fitting along the many miles of pipeline. There was no effective way to prevent oxygen from entering the system, and every time it happened the operator had to divert gas to flare and then hunt down the source(s).

The operator contacted EcoVapor with the details of their interestingly reverse LDAR challenge.  They had heard of the EcoVapor ZerO2 technology and were curious if it would really work in their situation. We requested that they fill out our standard data sheet and provide a gas analysis, and in that process we learned about the H2S levels in their gas stream.

With H2S levels around 50ppm, it was decided that the gas be treated upstream of the ZerO2 unit to ensure optimal operating conditions for oxygen removal.  Discussions then began with H2SZero.  We described the situation, passed along the gas analysis, and H2SZero was able to determine that they could economically capture the H2S for over a year using a single load of scavenger in just one vessel.

With the H2S taken care of, we determined that a single ZerO2 E300 unit would fit the application very well. The E300 is all electric with no moving parts, and therefore is both extremely reliable and effective. Because the gas is wet and located away from the VRU, we asked that the operator utilize a scrubber vessel to keep liquids out of the H2S and ZerO2 units.

A very happy customer was able to produce with a steady throughput to sales with no downtime due to oxygen or H2S!  This also eliminated the need for combustion on location, greatly improving overall on-site emissions.

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