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EcoVapor’s systems

EcoVapor’s systems focus on pulling vapors directly from oil storage tanks to enable 100% gas capture on site. EcoVapor has the right size system available to match to the unique characteristics of your wellsite. Our systems can function stand-alone, in parallel with one-another, or in conjunction with low pressure separation and/or vapor tower compression.  Our goal is to maximize your production stream, reduce emissions on site, and create a safer working environment.


EcoVapor Recovery Systems has developed a number of patented and patent-pending innovations at the core of the most advanced systems for vapor recovery and oxygen removal in the industry.  Our proprietary technology today is focused on three primary areas:

Oxygen Removal

EcoVapor has a patented oxygen removal process as part of all of its skid-mounted vapor recovery systems and as a stand-alone piece of equipment. The ZerO2 is the only oxygen removal unit in the industry coupled with an onboard oxygen analyzer that actively controls the sales line valve in real time, EcoVapor can ensure gas sent to the gathering lines meets even the most stringent specification. ERS systems can process up to 50,000 ppm oxygen and regularly deliver gas with oxygen at less than 2 ppm.  All data, including oxygen measurements, are continually monitored internal to the system and logged for record keeping.


Pressure Control

Included in the suite of EcoVapor’s patented technology is one that allows ERS systems to hold upstream vessels (oil collection tanks, VRTs, or separators) to whatever pressure the customer desires, down to 1/4 ounce per square inch. Sophisticated pressure control allows customers to optimize their operations customizing suction pressure to meet specific wellsite needs.  The fine pressure control allows customers to capture the highest value for their associated gas production.


Remote Monitoring

EcoVapor has a proprietary remote monitoring system, the ERS Dashboard. Systems are monitored real time with data visible via a PC, iPhone, or Android phone. The ERS Dashboard monitors all systems in the field and customers get a separate log-in for their systems and can customize their dashboard to their needs. The ERS Dashboard also has call-outs for shut downs or notifications about the system allowing us to respond quickly to issues. In addition to the automatic callouts via text/email and customizable dashboard, our remote monitoring is taken to new levels through two-way communication. Not only can we view every parameter remotely, but we can manipulate setpoints, upload software, and reset the system just as if we were on location.


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