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EcoVapor Zer02 UnitsDesigned to mate with any third-party VRU, our ZerO2 systems are incredibly flexible and reliable. If gas is flowing through our ZerO2 units we will remove the free oxygen, period. Operators appreciate that ZerO2 systems can be all electric, have a small 4’x4′ footprint, are simple to operate and have no moving parts.

ZerO2 E1200 & ZerO2 E300

Application: The ZerO2 system separates EcoVapor’s unique oxygen removal technology from the fully integrated ERS Systems such that it can be coupled with nearly any other industry VRU as a “bolt-on” to remove oxygen. Powered by 480V 3-Phase electricity, this unit draws about 45 kW on startup dropping to 10 kW for general use.  Depending on flow rates, one or multiple units can be deployed on a single site to treat 100% of the gas and provide flexibility in facilities design.

  • Electrically Powered (Gas Power coming soon!)
  • No Moving Parts
  • Lower Costs

ODS300 and ODS100

Application: Ideal for sites where stable electric grid power is unavailable, and where on-site generators don’t make sense. These ZerO2 systems are designed to use on-site fuel gas to heat the reactor and drive oxygen removal with safety being the first priority.

  • Gas units coming soon, please check with your EcoVapor representative for the latest timing


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